Nominated for the Dutch FinTech company of 2017

Update April 2017: We are proud to announce that AET Europe is one of the 50 hottest Dutch FinTech companies of 2017. Next, to that, we are a top-3 finalist in category Risk, Intelligence & Security!


As my company of AET Europe already announced, we are nominated for the Dutch FinTech company of 2017 within the category Risk, Intelligence & Security. This nomination is a great reward for the work of the past months taken by my colleagues.

Can I ask for your support?

At this moment, AET Europe held the 1st position within the category of Risk, Intelligence & Security when it comes to the public votes. But we are not there yet, I need your vote!
You can vote on the Dutch FinTech website:

or copy/paste the following URL in your browser:

Why do we need your vote?

AET Europe believes that in this digital world, security, privacy and integrity are essential. As a company, we enable businesses to meet compliance and high levels of security. Because we also believe usability is important we establish security at the core: Invisible and yet present in every solution using our products.



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