Simple security plan for IoT devices

The next big wave of cyber attacks may come from the millions of Internet of Things devices out there. If you're making or deploying IoT devices you need to up your security plan. Security is not an add-on feature; it must be built into the foundation of any given device. The level of security held …

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Digital Trust eliminates risks of ransomware

The WannaCry ransomware attack that spread around the globe yesterday caused chaos at hospitals, manufacturing shutdowns, and countless other mission-critical businesses and critical infrastructures around the world. What could be part of the solution is to open only emails from trusted senders. To eliminate those risks we need digital trust. What does ransomware do? There are …

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World eID & Cybersecurity 2016

World e-ID & Cybersecurity yearly gathers e-ID and information security professionals from Government and Industry to explore and discuss the latest technologies, solutions, deployments and regulations advancing secure identification and trusted online services. I am delighted. I will speak during the World e-ID & Cybersecurity 2016 event at the Break-out Session New Trust Architectures for …

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PKI Smart Cards only a security tool ?

Most of the time when I explain to people that I sell middleware for PKI Smart Cards They assume that I am strictly in the security business. The big question; is this a fact or are there other usages for PKI Smart Cards or to generalize the concept PKI tokens.   PK(I) Tokens First of …

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