Digital Trust eliminates risks of ransomware

The WannaCry ransomware attack that spread around the globe yesterday caused chaos at hospitals, manufacturing shutdowns, and countless other mission-critical businesses and critical infrastructures around the world. What could be part of the solution is to open only emails from trusted senders. To eliminate those risks we need digital trust. What does ransomware do? There are …

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Digital Trust essential for digital transformation

It is difficult to trust a company you can not see, the financial institute you never visit, or the online contact you have never met. It is even more difficult to protect, and leverage, your assets now that they have shifted from the physical world to the internet that is always on. The Internet of …

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IoT Devices, Security and Trust

Embedded Internet-of-Thing (IoT) and IP-devices are not a new phenomenon. In last Friday’s massive DDoS cyberattack, hackers used ‘internet of things’ devices to launch this high impact attack. Organized networks of connected devices created a massive botnet that threw over 1 trillion bits of data every second at important servers. Many of the devices participating …

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World eID & Cybersecurity 2016

World e-ID & Cybersecurity yearly gathers e-ID and information security professionals from Government and Industry to explore and discuss the latest technologies, solutions, deployments and regulations advancing secure identification and trusted online services. I am delighted. I will speak during the World e-ID & Cybersecurity 2016 event at the Break-out Session New Trust Architectures for …

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