Useful Cryptography Resources

This page is an compile some of the top  crypto and security blogs, textbooks, and websites.

Cryptography and Security Blogs

Schneier on security. One of the oldest and most famous security blogs. Bruce covers topics from block cipher cryptanalysis to airport security.

Bristol Cryptography Blog. The official blog for the University of Bristol cryptography research group. It’s a group blog, primarily targeted towards cryptographers and crypto students.

Travis Goodspeed. Travis does interesting things to hardware and lives to tell. He’s a great read if you’re interested in hardware security, wireless hacking, or anything in between.

Cryptography and Security Textbooks

The Handbook of Applied Cryptography (aka the HAC), by Menezes, van Oorschot and Vanstone. One of the fundamental textbooks in this area. Covers basic theory, symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, and protocols. This is not a quick read, mind you. It’s a serious textbook and an excellent reference. (The full text can be downloaded for free, but it’s worth purchasing.

Introduction to Modern Cryptography by Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell. We use this as a core text at Hopkins. A fantastic mix of practical and theoretical crypto. (Only one chapter is online.)

Foundations of Cryptography by Oded Goldreich. This two-book pair is probably the best cryptographic theory textbook. This is a great book to start with if you’re looking to understand the formal underpinnings first. But it’s not an applied crypto textbook. (A few draft chapters are available here, but you’ll have to purchase the rest.)


Useful websites

The IACR ePrint Archive. Hosted by the International Association of Cryptologic Research, this e-print archive hosts most of the latest academic crypto results.

Crypto StackExchange. Excellent community-oriented crypto Q&A site.


OpenSSL, NSS, GnuTLS, Crypto++, BouncyCastle, Pycrypto. Just a few of the standard crypto libraries used to secure data on the Internet.